I had a baby girl

I had a baby girl in October. It’s been crazy ever since. Now she’s six months old. I have enjoyed the experience a lot; it’s certainly something you can get some preparation for, but it has a lot of surprises when it comes. Most of them have been pleasant surprises, unexpected ones, not included in … Read more

My experience with Kiva

Kiva is a service to help entrepreneurs in need around the world. You’ll find entrepreneurs all around the world that need funding for their ventures. What I love about Kiva is that many times the projects aren’t huge, it can be helping somebody from Cambodia to buy inventory for their small store, help a farmer … Read more

Keeping it Simple… and write

I started writing on this website on February 2021, I created different articles with ideas about what to write about. It worked, I was thinking about sharing different experiences from my life and write more. What I wrote worked for both objectives. Now we’re in May 2021 and I’ll start writing again and sharing different … Read more

Last day of January 2021

A lot of things happened this month. What I did this month: I completed two courses connected to the company I work for: Online Coaching Business (this is every 3 months) and the Clean Slate Course (this is monthly). I completed the automation emails to follow up with the Clean Slate Course, which was great-. … Read more