Keeping it Simple… and write

I started writing on this website on February 2021, I created different articles with ideas about what to write about.

It worked, I was thinking about sharing different experiences from my life and write more. What I wrote worked for both objectives.

Now we’re in May 2021 and I’ll start writing again and sharing different experiences.

There has been some things I have been trying lately:

  • I tried a writing tool called and created some ads and events to promote. It helped me with ideas, it’s a great tool. I have to use it more.
  • I also started helping a friend that wanted to start as a freelancer in WordPress. This made me realize all the knowledge I have in the area and how valuable is my ability on that.
  • I have been following Sharran Srivatsa and attending the different masterclasses he does. He had a very good one about social media. I’m starting to learn about how to use social media to get more leads.
  • I was able to identify my next steps in what I’m trying to accomplish with clients. I have more clarity about what I want to accomplish. (Hint: get better quality leads)
  • I attended a training with Omar Zenhom from webinar ninja on how to use the tool to create leads and sent them to a live event.

These are just some of the things I tried, there’s a trend on it that I noticed and it’s trying to find a system I can implement daily to have results long term.

Also trying things for enough time so I can get results.

I’ll keep updating more often and see how it works.