Last day of January 2021

A lot of things happened this month.

What I did this month:

  • I completed two courses connected to the company I work for: Online Coaching Business (this is every 3 months) and the Clean Slate Course (this is monthly).
  • I completed the automation emails to follow up with the Clean Slate Course, which was great-. I did it on Mailchimp.
  • I also sold some life plans this month and delivered a few; I keep practicing as I learn the life planner skill.
  • I also asked for some help in the Copywriting course, and they gave me great ideas for content that I will implement in February.
  • I sold one of the processing packages that I offer in the life plans. It was a great start to the year for me.

These are some of the major things I did during this month, and tomorrow I will start promoting a new course that starts on February 10, 2021, called the Life Enhancement course.

For February 2021, I want:

  1. I want to keep growing my sales, and I want to do it by writing more. So I want to write 4 good articles promoting the life plans and get my first sale that way.
  2. I want to increase the number of life plans I’m giving weekly to 3 (A total of 12 this month)
  3. I want to sell 1 coaching package.
  4. I want to add a follow-up sequence to the list (we offer a short sample of “The Secrets to increasing your power, wealth and happiness” book).

So, wish me the best this month.

PS: I started using Grammarly with Elementor.