My WordPress experience

I have been working with WordPress for a long time.

I created WordPress websites when I was in college and with time I converted it in my main source of income from 2013 trough 2020 working as a freelance.

I never went deep in the programming part of it, I worked for a year in a publicity agency in 2011-2012 and learned html, css and jQuery so that was most of it.

The rest of the time I was exploring themes and testing plugins. When I had a website I always tried a new plugin to learn new things and I put that as part of the price.

At some time in the middle I bought a WordPress theme called Divi and did a lot of websites with it. I was pretty happy about it and learned to use it very well. Now it’s one of the most used themes from WordPress.

What I learned from WordPress:

  • How to create a website fast using a template.
  • How to sell a website.
  • How to get an income.
  • How to become a professional in an area.
  • How to secure a WordPress website.
  • The different hosting options.
  • How to work from home.
  • How to choose clients and having work that I like.
  • How to put together an e-commerce website with WooCommerce.

In 2020 I decided I stopped working with WordPress and started working full time with ACLC. So that’s where my WordPress experience stopped.