The habits I have tried to implement in my life

There’s one main habit I have tried to implement for a long time and it’s the habit of meditation. I have been able to do it  for some periods of my life.

The meditation I have tried is Vipassana Meditation, which I love and gave me a lot of clarity.

I also have tried to write daily, have been able to do it for periods too. I kept journals when I was in teenage years too, I loved those, they are still in some place in my parent’s house back in Colombia.

I also have tried to implement this habit of writing 10 ideas each day that I heard from James Altucher, it helps you to become an idea machine.

Another habit is using a technique called Clean Slate by Alan C. Walter that I learned from this website: Knowledgism. It’s a great way to study any topic and being able to think in images about it. It also helps you to find the beliefs you have around a topic. 

It gives a lot of awareness around any topic that you want.

Another habit I tried was Image Streaming by Win Wenger.

I also tried Sun Gazing from Hira Ratan Manek, I didn’t finish it but did good progress.