My experience writing in or I Love Your Story is a great service for writing without editing. It allows you to free flow with what you are writing and do the editing at the end.

So you can write in a free flow and see at the end your errors and correct them and give format when you finish.

One of the uses that the creator recommends is using it for doing your Morning Pages. Just a free flow of writing without editing first thing in the morning.

Benefits of writing in

  • It has helped me to become less judgemental about my writing and write.
  • I can get into a flow state easily.
  • You can’t see what you are writing, so you have more in your head, and it allows you to imagine more as you write.
  • You can track your daily writing.
  • You can review your old writing and organize it.

My main benefit is that when I start writing on, I can flow without restraint, and it allows me to enjoy the process of writing instead of continuously editing it.

The service is free because of Covid, so it’s a good time to give it a go.